Asia OD Network Summit 2017

Experience a WOW! Transformation in the LARGEST

Asia Organization Development Network

AODN Summit 2017

Meet the World’s Transformation Gurus and Top Asia Business Leaders. The world is transforming rapidly and like it or not, ready or not, organizations will transform too – for better or worse. A few organizations will thrive. We will focus on them

  • Day 1

    Glocal Realities

    Together we appreciate current global and local challenges. One challenge in particular, from keynoter Edgar Schein: "Dear CEO leader, you are the culture, you need to model it.". And how OD is there to help.

    1. How challenges in the international arena impact the local context.
    2. Understanding the Asian perspective - stories from Indonesia, India, China and more. CEOs and participant change agents share their experiences.
    3. Understanding the international OD Network's "Global Framework of OD Competencies" and bringing it to work in Asia.

  • Day 2


    Together, we build on the evolution of OD and imagine its full expression in Asia organizations. CEOs and OD leaders share ideas, building blocks, experiences, lessons learned and global trends ... in the Asian context.

    1. How OD has evolved internationally and how it is relevant today in Asia.
    2. Putting the CEOs' stories together with the best practices in OD to envision highest performing organizations.
    3. How WBL+WST shapes the way we can see the way forward - especially when supported by the Covision method of full engagement.

  • Day 3

    Into Action!

    Together, we learn to embrace disruptions, and turn them to opportunities. We identify our learnings and apply them against the challenges in order to multiply growth in our organizations.

    1. Understanding disruptions - learning to identify and embrace them.
    2. Collecting and agreeing upon "key learnings" and "most useful approaches" for applying OD effectively against current challenges.
    3. Through individual thinking and group processes, arrive at shared purposes for AODN, and then collective and personal actions and commitments.

All organizations today are in a crucible. They will either transform and thrive, or die.

~Warren Bennis, Ph.D.

WOW!An Experiential Learning Event

As wholes are greater than the sum of their parts, we will become whole as a large learning group and be able to make the greatest possible difference in our organizations. How? With a WOW! Summit. It is a design which combines Whole Brain Literacy and Whole System Transformation and is enabled by Covision’s Technology for whole group communication and understanding.

Come join us – experience and learn the WOW!

Engaging and empowering the whole system, and whole brains, is one of the most effective approaches for facing today’s dizzying rate of change. It connects people broadly and enlightens people deeply. Large organizations especially will benefit from the experiences their members will gain from this gathering of experts and practitioners, amplified by the unique conference design. It is a WOW! for many reasons. JOIN US!

Extra Events


Also join our AODN Summit 2017 Pre-Conference event on 14th November 2017, 09.00-17.00. We will listen to some speeches from three world-class transformation gurus:

  • Roland Sullivan from USA
  • T. V. Rao from India
  • Dr. Perla from Philippines

Only 100 seats available and exclusively for AODN registrants. Make sure you secure your seat now!

Gala Dinner

A huge chance to grow your network by joining AODN Summit 2017 Gala Dinner on the first day of the event. You will meet many leaders, CEO, gurus and participants from other countries.

Only limited number of seats is available for this event. Don’t miss this chance. Secure your awesome dinner now for only IDR 500K / person.

Event Details

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Banten - Indonesia

15 – 17 November 2017
08.30-17.30 +07:00


If you have difficulty in arranging your flights or accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact our most recommended partner. Below is the contact information.

Mr. David

  • email: davidjakarta15@yahoo.com
  • WeChat: davidjakarta

Mrs. Cen Cen

  • email: octavia_cencen@yahoo.com

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